How do I know when I'm ready to invest in a web designer?

Feb 24, 2020

Do people keep asking if you have a website? Perhaps you’re ready to expand your online offering and adapt to the times. Or perhaps you’ve been fiddling with DIY platforms like Squarespace but only got so far before it got confusing or BORING.

While the DIY website platforms are adequate to get something live asap when you’re starting out, they have their limits which become apparent the more customisation you need. Don’t get me wrong, I believe everyone can and should be able to update their own website regularly. It’s like opening the door to your bricks and mortar shop front and putting the A-frame sign out.

However, it’s important the functionality and customer experience are seamless for people to stop to browse.


You’re ready to invest in a web designer if:

  • You want to sell products or take payments online, not just in a physical space
  • You need a custom website-specific design and features tailored to your business
  • Potential customers keep asking you for your website
  • The existing website hasn’t been updated for a few years
  • You want to provide a professional and intuitive customer experience
  • You need to expand your online offering beyond what your current site provides


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