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The Healing Plan is a wonderful blog and new (secret!) food product coming soon. Written by nutritionist Bridgette Slavin, the blog focuses on healing disorders of the gut with low-fructose, gluten-free, dairy-free eating-and includes delicious recipes! Bridgette’s vision for The Healing Plan logo design was painterly, aqua/blue in colour, not too girly and not too minimal. She also provided fantastic reference material for me to begin research.

Research- Talking to Bridgette about her ideas for The Healing Plan and reading every word of the blog was imperative to understanding the perspective and personality of the brand. After some research into competitors logos, I had an idea of what was already out there so I could make sure my design was unique.

Ideas- Every logo design (and web design for that matter!) begins with a pen and sketchbook. This is a vital step in quickly getting ideas down, including all the bad ones, till it eventually clicks that I’m on the right track.

Play- As a painter, it was a dream to be told, ‘I love your paintings, can you include painting somehow?’! So the next step was going to the studio to play with watercolours and various mark making. I chose to work with marks that were more spontaneous looking and richer in colour. Also, although not obvious, I like the slight heart shape of the larger splashy mark!

Typography- The next step is looking at the text element. We agreed early on that a handwriting style font would work well, so this immediately narrowed it down a little. With a multitude of possibilities, I focused on straight and right-leaning fonts that weren’t too feminine looking.  Then, to combine the painting marks with text in Photoshop and Illustrator. I presented a series of logo pairs for Bridgette to choose from.

Finally, after some small adjustments, the finished logo designs were complete. It was an absolute pleasure working with Bridgette! She was clear, knew her brand well and was as excited as me about the whole process! You can see the final designs in use at The Healing Plan.

My project means more to me than just business and Candice understood this as if it were her own. From the beginning I felt that I was working alongside her. From reading through my entire blog to taking the time to listen to my story and objectives Candice made the process easy and enjoyable. I was familiar with Candice’s incredible artwork and when the time came for me to start my business I knew exactly who I wanted to create the image of my brand.
Her work is extremely high quality but more importantly it is personal. In particular, the way she reflected the life and meaning of my vision in the designs. Making an appointment with Paige Digital is a game changer. I could not recommend it more to anyone.
Bridgette Slavin

Founder, The Healing Plan

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